Everyone loves swag. It's one of the best things about attending a convention, besides all the new information – it gives someone something to remember the event by, as well as a something to brag to friends about. Discussing the coolest swag is a time honored tradition. So how can you make sure your swag beats out all the other at the competition? It's pretty easy. Here are four tips to make sure your swag is the most memorable of them all.

1. Use personalized items.
This can be tough to do, but by grabbing a selection of items with common names on them, you are sure to get a few right, and those will be great for people looking for something bearing their name. Items like personalised bags, purses, keychains, and more with your logo and the name of an attendee will go a long way towards making them remember your booth.

2. Have a story behind each item.
People enjoy items with a history; if you can craft a compelling story around the swag you give out, or make it personalized around one of the characters of your business, then it becomes even more awesome in the eyes of conference attendees. No matter what you do, give it a life of its own, and everyone will love it.

3. Give useful items.
Tradeshow items tend to be kitschy; cool to look at, but lacking much practical function. Including swag like mobile chargers, hand bags, and items that can actually be used throughout the entire conference makes you insanely memorable, because the attendees will actually use your items, not just stash them beside their hotel bed. Another great item to include under this category are reusable water bottles and notebooks – great for keeping the conversation going and swapping information when needed.

4. Listen to your fans.
If you pay attention, your fans will tell you everything you need to know about what swag is cool and what isn't. Pay attention to your audience; are they into eco-friendly materials? Then cater to that by giving 'green' bags made from recycled materials. If your swag doesn't get much attention, don't try again next year. Ditch it and go for something new that will appeal to your audience.

With these four steps, you will be well on the way to winning the swag wars. However, it's not all about having cool stuff; event swag is to help spread your brand and keep your audience happy. With this thought in the front of your mind, it's hard to go wrong.

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