A guest post by Jillian Bateman
A vast majority dreams of becoming a successful business person. Not many are able to achieve it though for a variety of reasons. Many factors contribute to making an individual a successful entrepreneur. Let us take a look at the three key factors which every entrepreneur must consider for success in business.

1. Good Health
Health is the most important aspect of any human being’s life. In essence we would be able to do everything we want to if we have good health. If we are physically and mentally healthy, we would be able to overcome all other set back in life. When your health fails you will be like a boxer lying flat on his back with the referee counting from one to ten. Even if you are endowed with everything else in life, you would understand the fact that you cannot do much in life without good health. Running a business is possible only for healthy people.

2. Money
Money does not speak as men do. But it speaks in a different way. Take for example you are attending a gathering of alumni in your alma mater. You have put on the same dress which you wore last year for the same function. It is a clear indication that your finances have headed south. This way money speaks, in fact, in a very loud voice. Money is powerful and it is a must have especially for business entrepreneurs. In order to set up a firm, in order to build it up and to further develop it money or capital is crucial. If you are already in a financial mess, you can check out How to manage financial stress.

3. Time
It is often said that time is money. Time is a great, indispensable resource for people. For an entrepreneur health and money should run ahead of time. An entrepreneur may have some good ideas and the money to do the needful in order to make his business flourish. All said and done if he does not have enough time to execute those ideas in action, it is not worth anything. Check out this article on how to save time as an entrepreneur.

These three factors are so intrinsic and they are so nicely connected to one another that even with two of these it is not really feasible to run a good business. It is not enough to have good health alone. It is meaningless to have time and money, but not health. Practically nothing much can be done with health and money devoid of time. In order to create wealth and to enjoy it, sound health is the key. None should underestimate good health since our life builds on our health.

Businesses are of different types. There are businesses which you can do sitting at home and there are certain others for which you need to go out. Running a business requires a lot of administrative capabilities and managerial skills. If you own a small business, it is true that the odds are stacked heavily against you. Any mode of business carries a high risk factor. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to take on whatever comes out of their business deals.
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